Silicone Edge Automated Stitching

A revolutionary system for Silicone and PVC Sewing with 3 different options

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A fully automatic silicone and PVC sewing system that doesn’t need a sewing specialist.

Do more with the workforce you already have.

A MKF SEAS kit to install on your sewing system.

Get more from a standard machine.

A semi-automatic silicone / PVC sewing system.

Increase your productivity and quality in an easy and efficient way.

The MKF Event with SEAS is a Silicone and PVC sewing system that does not require a seam specialist to achieve perfect results.

Besides this function, it also automatically joins large format panels with great quality and perfect alignment.

The focus of this high automation is to offer a sewing solution that can be used in a simple way by any employee of a company, that is, to achieve more with the existing workforce.

The MKF SEAS Universal Kit is a set of accessories that transform a normal sewing machine into a high quality and productivity machine to sew silicone or PVC.

The focus on the development of this solution was to enable companies that already do sewing to be able to start or significantly increase the production of textiles with silicone or PVC in the perimeter.

With a quick and easy installation, which can be done by any employee of the company, with intuitive use without the need for training, simple maintenance and reduced delivery times, this is the right solution for anyone who wants to be present in one of the areas of highest growth in the Soft Signage world.

The MKF SM Optima is a silicone and PVC semi-automatic sewing system that is composed by a high end lockstitch sewing machine, an optimized sewing table and a MKF SEAS Universal Kit.

The system was developed to be as easy to use as possible, with ideal dimensions for large textile handling and to be easily moved across factory floor when necessary.

With low maintenance and high reliability, this is a turnkey solution to start or increase your presence on the fast growing SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) industry.




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The new SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) solutions that are going to revolutionize the market!


Following the market closely and realizing the exponential increase of the use of textiles with silicone or PVC in the perimeter in the area of communication, we developed three revolutionary solutions to increase productivity and quality in this area: the SEAS system (Silicone Edge Automated Stitching)

available now

available now

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The MX Event with SEAS has won Product of the Year for "Product Finishing - Sewing"

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