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C!Print Madrid 2016



MEEVO MKF was present at C!Print Madrid  through its Distributor for Portugal and Spain – MEEVO.


At C!Print we showed the new MEEVO MKF BR 320 AF Mark II, the first cutting machine for textile with a high degree of automation.


This new version, an evolution of a machine that already has its place in the market, has some improvements from our Research and Development and others from the close contact that MEEVO MKF keeps with its Distributors and Clients.

We highlight:


- The new Length mode. Other from the Automatic and Custom modes, there is now the Length mode - Cut from a preset measurement, right after the reading of the first cutting mark.


- The new softer stop mechanism, which allows for a bigger precision of reading and cutting.


- The improvement in the system of the textile feeding alignment. A new system was developed, faster and more precise.


- A new system of double blades. The system was developed so that each blade has an independent pneumatic system, assuring an uniform pressure in all 14 blades. With this new system, it’s now possible to use two or only one blade in each block, only having to close or open a valve.


- A new system of horizontal cut, with a dampening

mechanism with shock absorption.


- A new blade geometry, new cut angle and more

toughness. This evolutions allow for a more efficient cut and a longer durability of the blades.




The productivity upgrade you were looking for!

Up to 7x faster than manual cut




Soon more info about the new MKF BR 320 AF Mark II


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